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3D vs. 5D Experiences and What’s Really Going On

The following session segment contains some of the client’s questions that were posed to their Higher Self. Interestingly, it was the Higher Self that expanded on some of the responses to push for supplemental questioning. Thank-you to my client for allowing this information to be shared.


What was her vision with Jesus about that she had seven years ago?

Now. It was about now. It was such a powerful vision. She thought it was about then, strong, going to happen right away, but it was about now.

What did she need to know about now?

That it was…they are going to separate 3D and 5D. That’s what she needed to know. She saw this, lots of people saw this happening, coming to happen.

When is that separation going to happen?

Soon. There will be a big shift.

What will she experience at that time?

I’m seeing war. I’m feeling a lot of emotions, and scared, and big shift.

Is this when the split occurs?

Yes, I think officially. I see that the good will rise and the dark will fall.

Will they be separated physically, or will they still be together in the same space?

Together. It’s like…I’m seeing, when you pull a marshmallow apart. Like that. They are trying to separate but there’s still always going to be a connection.

If people within the same family are in 3D and 5D, will they still be able to live together and communicate?

No, not like they want to. They will be able to live in the same house, but they will be on different paths.

So physically everyone will be in the same place they are now?

Yes, but it will seem like there’s two totally different planets.

How will we know where we are in the process?

You will not feel the fear and the anger and see the war and the death and the bloodshed and all of the gross heavy things that will stay on the 3D.

If someone in 5D and someone in 3D are living in the same house, how will they see things differently?

The 5D will understand and the 3D won’t. It’s like they’re watching different TV stations, but they are watching the same one.

Okay I see, so it’s the perspective then.

Yes. Eventually people will separate, but it will be difficult in the beginning.

Once this happens how will her work as a healer change?

It will become more mainstream. It will look different for different people, but the healers and the naturopaths will become more mainstream.

The people they are serving, will they be in 3D, 5D, or in both?

Both, and many still a little bit in the middle, trying to switch over to 5D.

How long will that last for?

Couple of years. The people in the middle will need a little bit more time. The 3D people will stay there in 3D and they will be separate completely, but there are some in the middle that might take some more time.

So the people in the middle still have an opportunity to become 5D.

Yes…it’s difficult to know that your whole world is not what you thought it was.

What do you mean by that?

The people, they see the news and they think that’s what is actually happening. Some people leave it on all day long and they think that anything else is just a lie. So when they realize that it’s not a lie, the TV that they were watching is a lie, it’s going to be difficult. You need to remember that they are…their whole world has just been broken and you need to help them with love.

So the people who are watching the news all day long and believe everything that’s happening in the world is as presented on the news, are they going to be told differently?



Through the news, through the incidents that will happen very soon, the world shifting events. Trump will say some things and they won’t believe him. They will try to put him down, but it will be true, and they still won’t believe.

How will they eventually believe the truth?

They will be in the minority, and they won’t. Their world will be full of anger and bitterness.

It seems like those people are in the majority right now.

That is what it seems, but it’s not true.

Are more people aware of what’s really going on than not?

Yes, much more.

What percentage would you say?

57%, but the ones that are the dark, the heavy, the 3D ones, they have the control of the media, and the movies.

And the movies too? What’s going on with the movies?

The movies will get better, the movies are shifting. They will not be all about war and hatred…and things. They will be beautiful, and what your world will look like, and how to raise to a higher level.


One of her questions was; is the deep state, satanic secret government real?

Yes, it’s very sad. She has connected with the slaves before.

What do you mean by the slaves?

The children. She has seen more than she needs to see.

Where are these children located?

All over. They are hidden but it is very sad. That’s what most of this is about, to help them. The shift.

How many are enslaved?

Thousands. All over the planet.

What is going to happen to the people that are doing this?

It will be a difficult shift because they have had the power for so long. They won’t show it, the way it’s actually happening, but they are already being taken down and taken away. Many many children have already been saved. That’s what some of the submarines and some of the lockdown was, was so that people wouldn’t see what was happening so it would be an easier transition. Because if people knew, the regular people that watch TV all the time, if they knew what was happening…they wouldn’t be able to handle it.

But they’re going to know eventually.

Not all. Not everybody will know everything. They will try and hide as much as possible.

You mentioned submarines, but I was aware of the hospital ships. Were they involved in this operation as well?


And what role did the ships and submarines play?

They hid the children. They took them to safety in the States…in Florida.

Why Florida?

That’s where they had it set up to take the children there. To save them. To help them adjust.

What kind of help do they require?

Everything. Some of them have never known a regular life. Some were held underground. Some were transported through trucks when they were getting traded.

How were these children acquired in the first place?

Some were bred. Some were stolen. You can buy children and people don’t care. They will sell their own children too.

And this was all controlled by the deep state?

There is a heavy, gross, thick black film that has been on the planet for eons, but it is finally shifting. That is what it was meant for.

What was?

Earth was not meant to be so dark and heavy like that. It was meant to be a beautiful place.

What caused this in the first place?


Who’s ego?

When they came to seed and they were worshiped. And then they came to teach the people on Earth, but they were worshipped, and then they liked that. And men’s ego is just…and then they realized that they had to stay hidden.

When this is all revealed, will we recognize the people that are involved?

You will be surprised by some. Very surprised.

What will happen to those people that are involved?

They will disappear. People will think they are sick, or they have disappeared somewhere, but they are actually in jail.

Where will they be in jail?

On an island, Guantanamo, and some in other countries. It's different places.

Is this problem all over the world?

Yes, very much so.

Is every country dealing with it separately?

Most have gotten together, but some places like China, have not, and some African places have not.

What can you tell us about what is happening in Canada?

It is bad in Canada. It is bad in Canada.


People are too polite. They pretend to be polite, but it is everywhere. There are so many children that are hurt all the time and they don’t talk about it. They hide it and there are so many cults, and groups, and politicians involved. Trudeau is the eldest son of one of the biggest leaders on the planet and people have no idea. He was one of the first ones in Montreal to sign the agreement, the mmm…I forget what it’s called, there was 12 of them.

There was 12 people who signed the agreement?


Are you talking about Pierre Elliott Trudeau?

Yes, and his son is very high ranking.

High ranking in what?

In the deep state group. They don’t call it the deep state.

What do they call it?

The Order. The Family. They are the chosen. They see themselves as the only ones and everyone else is insignificant to be used as tools.

So they don’t care about us?

They don’t. They don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing to the children, or the economy, or anything.

You said that there was an agreement that was signed and that there was 12 of them. What was that agreement for?

Many in power. Who would do what, where, when, and why. Different leaders of different countries.

Is the Royal Family involved?

Oh very much so. Very much so. That is why the young one left.

Prince Harry?


So he knew about it?

He knows enough that he does not want to be anywhere near it.

Is it true that certain people who were involved in this have already been detained or have ankle bracelets on?


Does that include Trudeau?

No. He has enough power. He has…lot’s of ego. He is not…they don’t have him yet. He does not have the dart on him that the others do. He is much cleaner. His discretions were more with many…than with children. His father was with the children.


She would like to know why COVID-19 was created.

Control. Control the masses and the money.

When will she be able to travel again?

In the Spring.

Will there be a difference between the people in 5D and 3D and how they can travel?

It will be very difficult for the people in 3D to travel.

Why is that?

Because they believe in all the restrictions and all of that, but the people that are in the 5D will not face any of those restrictions. It just will not be there for them.

So if somebody is vibrating at a higher level and they are in the 5th dimension, they will be able to travel?

Yes. Everyone will travel but not as easy.

Why will it not be so easy for some people?

They will create more problems and barriers for themselves.

For the people in 5D what will their experience be like?

Much more peaceful. They don’t believe in any of that. Everything will be smooth. Much more smooth.

Will she need to be vaccinated to travel?

Yes, in some places. In some countries they will not allow you in unless you have the vaccine. Canada and the States not so much. It will be more difficult, but it will be possible to travel in and out of Canada without it.

Is the vaccine safe?


What’s wrong with it?

It is not necessary. It is toxins in your body that don’t need to be there. It may help some people because it’s not poison for everybody, but it’s not necessary.


Are there Chinese troops in Canada?



There is a lot of trouble soon in the States. There are armies on the borders. They will see this as a weakness, and it is more of a threat than an actuality. China will see the civil war in the States as a weakness.

So there is going to be a civil war in the States?

Very mild. Very moderate. It will be more in the courts than shooting, but there will be lots of arguing, and loud, and I’m bigger, and I’m right, and you’re wrong, that kind of thing, and tensions will get very very high, but it will not be like their first civil war, no.

The stuff going on in the courts is related to the election results, correct?

Yes. The court stuff will last a very long time, but there is a move that Trump is going to make.

Which is what?

He has a lot of cards that he is holding that he is not telling anybody. It is still likely that he will not win but it’s very small. He will be able to do much more if he is not president than if he is.

Much more good you mean?

Yes. He won’t have his hands tied as they are as president.

What result do you want to see?

Trump to win. He is the one that has been chosen to do this because he does not care what people think.

How was he chosen?

It is in his blood line.

Blood line as in biology or from where his soul actually comes from?

Where he comes from.

Where is that?

He is a light being. He does not look like one or sound like one, but he is. He aggravates a lot of people but that is part of it. He is meant to help shift the world, and create this separation, not be everybody’s friend.

Would you say he is serving his purpose?


What else can you tell us about this situation?

Just love and don’t worry. Go with the flow. Just love. It will all be good in the end. There will not be major catastrophes and people starving in the streets. None of that will happen.

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