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All Lives Explored Have Meaning

Sometimes during sessions, we have time to explore a number of different past lives. This happens when it doesn’t take too long to go through a life, especially in the case of an early death, but in each life reviewed there is always a message that the Higher Self wants the client to be aware of at this present time.

In this case my client went into a lifetime as a British man who was captured in Asia (Burma) in the 1700s and placed in a prison camp where he had been living for the last nine months. What had originally started out as an opportunity to see the world and make his family proud by joining the Foreign Legion, turned into him being sent into battle with absolutely no understanding of the purpose of it.

Life in the prison camp was grim, he was tortured with beatings and had sharp objects jammed under his fingernails. His legs were always shackled with iron chains while he worked long days in the jungle collecting wood. He slept on the floor of a bamboo hut and didn’t receive much to eat, just hard bread, rice with bugs, and water that caused dysentery. It was tough to escape; many had tried and failed. He was eventually worked to death, passing away before the age of 30.

One of the lessons he learned in that lifetime was that there is never any purpose to fighting, it’s not an effective way to resolve conflict. His Higher Self wanted to remind him of that, as well as show him a much more difficult lifetime he had lived before. Although we only explored that life for a few short minutes, the images and messages were significant to him at this time of his life.

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