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Ascension to the New Earth – The Defining Factor

Do you wish to live in a new reality where the entire planet’s consciousness is one of love, joy, peace, and freedom? This is what we can all look forward to on the New Earth. A place where we will pursue meaningful activities, live in harmony with our neighbours, and contribute to humanity with more joyful and fulfilling occupations. This 5th dimensional paradise is already here, already forming as our new home, even though we can’t see it just yet, we are constantly moving in and out of multiple dimensions as we evolve.

In order to allow ourselves to experience ascension, there are many actions we must take on our journey, including changing our behaviours, raising our vibrations, releasing fear and karma, and mastering ourselves. When we gain confidence of our own consciousness and learn to use our minds properly (with intention and integrity) and live happy productive lives while respecting other people, we literally change our frequency which in turn also assists with the raising of vibrations across the planet.

During a QHHT session, my client’s Higher Self explained that the defining factor for who will go to the New Earth and who will stay (at this time) was quite simple:

"There is a New Earth being formed as we speak and those that are service to others will ascend…it is just the way they are, there are two kinds of people on the Earth, those that are mostly service to others and those who are mostly service to self…for those that are service to self, it will take them longer, some will have to start over."

It was also disclosed during this session that the entire ascension process will last about a thousand years, so “taking longer” or “starting over” just means that the soul is choosing to experience additional lifetimes and learn more lessons before it ascends. There will be many other opportunities to grow and evolve beyond our current reality. Each soul’s journey is unique, so the length of time it takes for ascension is not important. This is not a competition.

The main reason I have shifted to providing this heart-based service is to inspire, empower and awaken others so they can live their best lives. Being able to assist individuals in obtaining information that helps them understand their own unique journey is truly a blessing.

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