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Ascension to the New Earth – The Journey Begins

There is a grand spiritual awakening that is going to completely transform reality as we know it at a personal and global level. We are going through an energetic shift from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, breaking free of any shackles, evolving into a greater version of humanity.

There are many variations of what this ascension event could look like. Religion has taught us that this will be a rapture type of event where the chosen ones will be saved by angels, lifted off the planet and taken to heaven or a new creation, a "new" Earth, while the "old" Earth is cleansed or destroyed.

The 5th dimensional New Earth already exists as a pristine, beautiful, perfect new environment and ascending to it is part of our evolution as souls. Ascension does not happen to us…we are not waiting for a specific event to occur. Each individual soul actively participates in this experience and ascends at their own pace. Not everyone will make the shift in their current lifetime. We may choose to come back here a few more times or we may go to another civilization to experience further growth there. We have free will so we can choose our own soul’s journey.

In Dolores Cannon’s book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”, she provides us with a great deal of information regarding the many souls who have volunteered to come back at this time, to assist with the raising of vibrations across the planet. This knowledge was provided during the thousands of quantum healing sessions she facilitated. Essentially, we need to become higher vibrational beings in order to co-exist with the 5th dimensional planetary vibration of the New Earth.

Dolores Cannon also learned through her sessions that there are two key things we must release for our transformation to take place; fear and karma.

Fear is an illusion. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. We cannot enter an exalted state of love while functioning in a state of fear or doubt. Acknowledge fear as guidance that what you are thinking about is false and replace it with other more pleasant thoughts. You always have the ability to change the subject from a fearful one to a joyful one. When you stop running from fear, fear loses its power over you. Although fear can be one of the strongest emotions you may feel, it must be released.

You also need to get off the wheel of karma. Karma is simply an energy. The actions of your soul throughout all your lifetimes is attracted to you in a form of energy. Accumulated karma is based on your intentional actions and thoughts in every single moment. Karma therefore is yours to control and by releasing it you will speed up your ascension process.

One of my clients learned in her session that she had been consciously releasing karma through her feelings which was explained by her Higher Self as follows:

Karma is more of a feeling, because you know that what you say means different than what you feel so you can say that you have released it, but you don’t feel that you have, so you still have it. So, you need to feel that you release it, and you will know when you release it because when you genuinely feel that, you just let it go, and that it doesn’t matter.”

Are you endeavouring to cleanse the karma that infiltrates your soul? Are you acknowledging and releasing all fear that is holding you back?

When you first awaken to this new reality, it is your soul letting you know that it is time to start the journey, time to heal. Time to really grow and step onto the path to enlightenment. Seek and you will find that there is a whole New Earth waiting for you.

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