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Have we all been abducted by aliens?

Recently, a client shared with me his vivid childhood memories of seeing UFOs, and the undeniable feeling of being abducted by aliens. During his session, while connected with his Higher Self, we uncovered astonishing information that not only acknowledged those feelings, but also answered questions of purpose, fear, and the ascension.

Thank you to my wonderful client for allowing me to share this portion of his session.


Should he return to his former workplace?

He might return to it, but he should not.

Why shouldn’t he?

Because it’s a negative place. He will survive…not being there.

How will he survive?

Well, with the changes, there will be no debt, he will survive. He needs to become a lightworker as he wants to.

When will these changes occur?

Very soon. Within…the whole process should take three years. From the time it began, to the time it ends, to the time you pass into a new dimension is a three-year period.

As a lightworker what do you see him doing?

I see him teaching people, educating people. He can do this; he’s done this in the past. He’s done this in other lives.

What will he be teaching them?

He will teach them how to cope. Cope with the passing. He will teach them how to meditate. He will teach them how to love.

Will this occur during this transition?

Yes, this will occur during the transition.

Then after the transition?

After the transition, he will still be a lightworker and he will be helping people. He will be a guide, an Earth guide for many people. There will still be people who are lost, there will always be souls who are lost, but the change will be enormous, it will be love, you will pass into an age of love, where there is no fear, but yet some will be left in fear. The lesser energy, two-dimensional, three-dimensional people.

Will it be possible to get those people to transition?

Yes, that’s what lightworkers will continue to do. He has done this before.


He says that he believes he was abducted by aliens.

Oh, he’s been abducted many times.

By whom and why?

He was abducted by the Andromedians. Andromedians can be feline, they can be greys, they can be very tall, there are Nordics in that area as well. He was first abducted by a benevolent group. They came from the Pleiades. They were here to help him, but he did not know that. They did not hurt him. They did put an implant in his leg.

Why did they do that?

They wanted to track him. To see how he grew up. To see his physiological changes. They are doing genetic experiments on humans, trying to mix, trying to form a hybrid breed. And he would be part of that. They took from him to grow other humans, the hybrids. They would use his reproductive organs. They would take from it to do this.

He has hybrid children?

He has many children.

Will he ever meet those children?

He will meet them in next lives, but not now.

Where are those children going?

They are going to come here as lightworkers. They will come, the aliens will come to help Earth. They are here already. There’s many many…there’s hundreds and thousands of aliens currently, and millions…and there are going to be more coming.

How will we know who these people are?

You will know by the feeling. Once you pass into the next dimension. You will know. You will feel the love from them. They will reveal themselves. Benevolent. The good will defeat the evil. There are evil beings here who have their own agenda. They will be defeated. The light needs a smaller fraction to defeat…of 40 percent to defeat the evil. This Earth will become what it should be, a beautiful place. Full of love and light.

The dark is already being defeated, correct?

It is being defeated right now.

When will that be done?

The whole process will be done in three years, two more years from now. When the novel started. The novel 19, it will be defeated, and you will pass into the 4th dimension.

Will this be apparent to everybody when this happens?


How so?

People will feel their frequency, feel the vibrations in their body, they will know that they have passed. You will feel it. The love that will surround you will be the indicator, and everybody will feel the love. Some people won’t feel it right away and they’ll need help passing in, but they will get there. They will get there. Many people will pass away during this period.

Why is that?

There could be war. There will most likely be war, but people need not fear because again their souls move to the next life. He needs to share this.

The people will pass away in this lifetime, but they may come back to this world as a child?

They will come back to this world, yes.

Why will there be war?

The masters will create war to create fear. It’s always been this way on Earth.

Well, they’ve created a big fear event already with the virus.

The people who are in control need…they feed off fear. They eat the fear, it’s like a food to them and they will create more and more. A little bit of fear is not as good as many many fears to them. They feed off that energy. As humans will feed off good energy when they pass to the fourth dimension, these beings love low vibrations, they love people who are in their 20s, their 30s, they feed off that fear.

What is something he could say to people, so they don’t stay in that fear state?

Do not fear death. They cannot take your life away from you. That is the ultimate. Fearing is fearing death. They cannot take your soul from you. Your soul is yours. They cannot take it and death is the next part of life. Embrace it. Do not fear it. There is no such thing as death. It does not exist.

Okay, so back to when he was abducted…they wanted to do experiments, they wanted to take his…

They took his reproductive material.

And why him? Why did they take from him?

They take from a lot of people. They know that he will become…he is an emotional being. That’s why they wanted to take part of him, because they wanted to build…their emotions are lacking. They are still benevolent beings. They are still very helpful. They will not harm, but they need to produce hybrids.

Why do they need to produce hybrids?

To integrate the positive emotion into their bodies, into their lives.

Because the other half is from where?

The other half is from Andromeda and Pleiades. He’s encountered Pleiades and he’s encountered Andromedas.

He said that when he was a child, he saw a being in the basement that looked like a man with a feline face. Who was that?

That was from Andromeda. That’s a feline. They are a race of aliens; they are very very benevolent. They are very helpful. They are very intuitive. That’s why he is drawn to cats.

Why did they show themselves to him?

They wanted to share love with him. They knew he was being taken. Other aliens have taken him as well. He’s been a victim of the greys, the bad greys, so he has been taken and the felines are very full of love, they wanted him to know it was okay.

But then he has some memory and then it scares him.

The memory he has is of the benevolent beings for the Pleiades that took him.

He has no memory of the bad?

No memory of the bad. He saw it as bad because that was the first time he was taken, so he equated that with bad. I believe he’s come to know that it was not a bad experience, and he need not fear it again.

The implant in his leg, has it been neutralized by his friend?

It has been but it didn’t need to be. It was not a harmful race that put it in him. It was the Pleiadians, and they are very peaceful.

How old was he when that happened?

He was six years old.

And it was just purely to track him?


So now it’s not working?

It was neutralized by his friend, and it’s not tracking anymore. But if it was tracking it would not make a difference. It’s not harmful to him.

Should it be removed?

No, it doesn’t need to be. It’s neutralized.

So, you as his Higher Self, do you have any say in whether people are taken or not?

I can stop people from being taken. He needs to ask me not to be taken and I will direct the beings who want to take him not to. He has a choice to be taken or not.

He can still be taken in the future then?

He can. He can be taken now. He needs to meditate, he needs to talk to his guide, he needs to talk to me, and I will stop this from happening…but he is very curious, he wants good beings to take him.


Are there many planets just like Earth?

Oh, there are millions of planets like Earth. There are so many planets in the universe, even the estimates are low. It’s wonderous! There are millions and millions of species. Millions and millions of positive and bad. There are currently seven bad or evil, you would say evil species, on Earth. That is what I can read.

These are the evil entities being taken care of right now?


Why did they come here in the first place?

They feed on fear.

Is it true that many of them are prominent individuals that we know?

Yes, they disguise themselves. They are able to change their form, and they are very evil. People see them as the leaders, but they are not.


Will he be able to keep his family safe during COVID and what is to come?

His family will be safe, and he knows that very well. They will remain safe, and they will be safe through COVID. COVID is just a fear. That’s all it is, and they will get through this, and they will get through it in large part because of what he’s able to tell them. He will keep them grounded.

Is there anything that he can say to people specifically about this?

Love. He needs to let people know what he feels and how he feels. He needs to share that love is the answer. He has started to do this at times. But not to fear other people, not to fear the COVID. He actually cannot be affected by it. He cannot get it. It’s not real. It’s a fear. You know this.

Can you direct him on letting go of the past and instead focusing on today and the future?

He needs to know, and he does know that the past is just that...the past. He tells other people this all the time, this lesson. What he needs to do is take his own advice. He needs to start to meditate, he needs to contact me, he needs to contact Ascended Masters, which he has the ability to do, and they will guide him. Not to worry about the past, but the future and the now. The now is very important for him.


Do you have any strange memories from this lifetime? Things just might not be as they seem…

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