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Higher Self Insights on Vaccines

Revised April 28th, 2021 to include a fourth session.

Many individuals come into their quantum healing hypnosis sessions worried about the current state of affairs and what’s coming next, so their sessions are an opportunity for them to ask questions about current events and how they can best handle things moving forward.

Our Higher Self always provides the same assurances, such as; this is such a great time to be alive, humanity is heading into an amazing awakening, this is very positive and there is greatness coming, but first, there is a lot that needs to crumble, but it’s meant to crumble, so the old world can fall away, to make way for something better in its place, our creation of a renewed world.

While we anticipate this transition, there are situations that we must learn to navigate as we travel through this awakening process. One that seems to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind is COVID vaccines.

Below you will find excerpts from four different sessions I facilitated within the past month, regarding this topic. Each session contains its own unique messages, specific to the individual, based on what is appropriate for their soul’s journey at this time.

As you read through these responses from the Higher Self, take what resonates with you, as each provides different insight into the vaccines.


Session 1

Why is she so afraid of illness and dying and how can she overcome this?

I think that is a result of all this internalized negative feelings and emotions that she’s just stuffed inside of her and she’s just thinking so hard about every little twitch and twinge in her body, and she needs to trust that her body is healthy, her body knows...she just needs to stop thinking about all that. It’s really nonsense. It is. It’s a waste of her time and her energy. She has better places for those things.

That white cleansing light is what she needs for everything. Again, release. Release, let it go, release, let it go. That’s her mantra she needs to say every morning. I release all these negative feelings and thoughts out of my body, they are not attached to my physical body at all. That’s what she needs to do every morning. And the white healing light at night, refresh and renew. Yes, she’s good, she’s good for a long time.

Why is her mother so much more awake than her and was her mother meant to be in her life to help wake her up at this time?

She just, I guess will. She willed herself to wake up. She just learned a lot. She is definitely [client’s name] number one guide on the Earth. She is there, she is like that little thorn in your side that doesn’t give up on you and just kind of prods you and prods you. That’s what she’s doing. She’s really trying to shake her up with this COVID thing I tell you. That’s what I talked about, stubborn!

So stubborn as in she’s not listening to her mother?

Yes, it’s like stepping in, stepping out.

She did want to know about the vaccine that she’s had already… (I couldn’t finish asking the question as her Higher Self cut me off).

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why did she do that? She knew she wasn’t 100 percent ready for that, but she did it. Fine. She’ll heal from this but do not get the second one!

How can she heal her body from this?

The white light heals everything, it’s so pure that’s all she needs.

What else can you tell us about this vaccine?

It’s not going to make a difference. It’s one raindrop in a million raindrops of viruses and sickness and illness that mankind faces. It’s just another drop in the bucket and this huge response has been ridiculous.

I see the response as a way to wake more people up. Would that be the ultimate goal of it?

We want everybody to get to that spot where they can honestly think for themselves and not be sheep that follow everything. It’s just the first time that it’s become a world-wide event and people cannot handle that.

What can she do or say about this to anyone around her such as her family and friends?

Her role right now is to share her enlightenment about this with her family because they are all on the road to get the vaccine. It’s pointless.

What steps does she need to take to live a long and healthy life?

She already knows the steps; she just needs to step it up.

Can you say those steps to her again so it’s on the recording and she can listen to it later?

Okay [client’s name], stop worrying, stop thinking everything so deeply. Live, love, be emotional, do that, but just don’t forget to release it every day. That white healing light at night, in the morning, let it all out to the universe. You do not need to hold this inside your body next to your heart where you’ve been feeling all these horrible things. It’s coming out in every direction, we’ve got rashes, we’ve got this! Stop it! Just live! You’re wasting so much energy on this! Live! You’ve got this amazing life and you’ve got gifts to share. Just share them. Do it. Stop it! Don’t be stubborn!

That’s what she needs to know. She needs to hear this loud and clear! Ugh, she’s so frustrating sometimes!


Session 2

What percentage of the Earth’s population came to actually help heal the Earth?

60 percent, it’s amazing! It’s just amazing, that light coming from the Earth, it’s so…it’s never happened before. It’s never…never ever.

The beings that came here and created the dark energy, did they initially intend to come here to heal the planet?

Yes, some of them. They got sucked into the promise of grandeur, they got sucked into that, and then there was no going back, but once the darkness is removed, they can be healed. They can! There’s still so much light to give to all of these beings to heal them, to clear them.

What will happen to them? Will they stay on Earth and be healed, or will they go somewhere else?

The ones that came to Earth with good intentions and then got distracted by the glamour, they can heal, and they can be, they can almost teach now on what it was like to be so far gone and to come back. It’s a whole other form of human now, with this experience of this darkness. Some of the ones that are here, are just, they have to be removed, they have to be, they cannot even take in an ounce of light. They can’t. But a lot of them, the ones that have been pulled in, like a fly to the light, kind of thing, but the opposite, they can be healed, and they can teach.

What can they teach?

Just how easy it is to get sidetracked and get distracted. To be spokespeople.

So some of them will have a higher purpose later on?

Oh yes, for sure!

So they’ll stay here and they’ll change and they’ll teach?

Yes, it will be hard to trust them at first, but you will see because you can feel their frequency.

Will full disclosure of all the evil happening on Earth right now happen soon?

It’s hard to say, maybe up to five years. There’s still a lot of work to do underground. The technology, and the people, and the children. There is still a lot of work to do.

Who is doing that work?

There is a lot of good people on this Earth doing this work. And all of our galactic…it’s like a galactic army, and they are helping. They are down there with these beautiful souls helping and people are dying. Good people are dying and it’s hard.

Why are they dying?

Because they don’t want them to go into the tunnels and find out all the stuff they have been doing. So people are dying. Trying to fight. It’s a different kind of death. It’s an incineration. It’s a different kind of weaponry.

Why is this occurring in tunnels?

That’s where the darkness can exist. It’s all over the world. It’s disgusting. It’s like worms living under the ground, feeding off of people and situations they create. The chaos! They just feed off of that fear and that energy.

The people that are doing this, what species are they?


How long have they been doing this for?

Thousands of years. It started a long time ago.

Do they feed off of our fear in order to continue?

Yes, oh yes!

Is this specifically what this COVID experience is about? Maintaining the fear in the population?

100 percent! Everybody was getting too…they were vibrating too high. The Earth was ascending without this big…everyone was moving towards that 5D mindset. They had to scare them back.

What can you tell us about the vaccine?

It is nothing to do with stopping COVID. It has everything to do with population reduction. You will not be able to reproduce, you have this strange thing in you now, it’s almost alive, and they will be able to control it. Whatever it is in the vaccine, it’s like, flip a switch and they control you like a robot all of a sudden. It didn’t start with COVID vaccines, it’s been going on for a long time. You’ve got all sorts the flu vaccine, and all these other things. They’ve had this thing, I don’t know what to call it, but it’s in it and it’s there. Now this mass fear and hysteria, a lot of people will be getting this vaccine which requires a couple different injections. Sticking it to them.

Is it fair to say that not enough people were getting the flu shot, so they had to up their game?

Yes, yes!

This information came from another session but I have been unable to verify it anywhere. Is there a possibility that the vaccine was intercepted and replaced with a saline solution to protect the people who were not wise enough not to get it?

It’s definitely a possibility. Now that I am looking at it and watching…I feel like that was a divine intervention, and it was something especially in certain parts of the world, I feel like in Canada that’s happened. Not for every single shot, but many were replaced.

Who would have done that?

The galactic army, our astral family.

Is this going to go on for much longer?

Not to the extent…people are waking up, they can’t continue. Love is way stronger than fear and it’s taking over. It just all depends on what you choose to do in every waking moment. You are in control of how long this will last.

What percentage of the population is fully awake?

30 percent are awake and doing the work to help, but there is a large population of people who have come here to help that still haven’t been shaken to awaken yet, but that’s going to happen. It’s happening as we speak. Everyday there is another thousand people looking online.

Will people waking up sooner, help full disclosure happen sooner?

Yes, because the energy has to be high in order to accept the truth. But it will happen anyways, no matter where you are at and it will affect the people who are still on the 3D level in the 3D way, and they will self-destruct within themselves, and then the rest will rejoice and just continue building.

When disclosure happens, how will it happen?

It will be on the TVs, and the cell phones, and everything that you are all connected with. It has to be. It will be on all channels, it has to be, there is no other way. It has to be taken over.

Is there anything else you can tell her about what’s going on in the world with this dark energy?

Just to stay in your light, don’t try to fight the dark. Stay in your light, that’s the best way to get rid of the dark. You don’t need to go down with a sign and a milk crate and stand on top of it.

What should she be doing instead?

Ascending in her world, increasing her vibration, learning her new modalities, and fearlessly walking forward.


Session 3

What can you tell him about vaccines?

None of them have ever worked.

Why does the government push them so much?

Money for the dark side. Plus, this latest one is a bioweapon to depopulate the world but we’re going to stop them.

It’s a bioweapon? The people who have taking the vaccine already, are they going to be harmed?

Yes. A lot of them will have reactions that are not good.

But you are going to stop them from using it as a bioweapon, correct?


And how will you do that?

A lot of the countries are going to start banning it, due to the reactions and the people who are waking up and fighting back.

So, this is part of what you are doing to help? How are you doing that?

Yes, by waking more people up because they will stand up.

Who is “we”? Who are you referring to?

The Galactic Federation.

Is there anything more we should be doing to stand up and fight back?

You can speak out a little more. People have to, we need more rebels. More people to stand up for their rights and freedoms.

It’s kind of hard because when you speak out to your friends and family, they just go and get the vaccine anyway. The message is falling on deaf ears. How do we get past that?

Not everybody is going to listen. Some you just have to let go, and let God, and just pray for them.


Session 4

What should she be doing for work at this time?

Well, I hate the world that you live in right now. Oh my gosh, come on! Everyone needs to wake up and just get with the program. I don’t know. It drives her crazy...which I’m happy about. I mean she’s still complying a little bit but not to the full extreme. She doesn’t believe in it. Her poor mother, I’m just so mad that she got the vaccine, but [client’s name] never will. She never will and she knows that. She was scared about the whole travelling thing, that’s going to be fine. She won’t have to, so she’ll be fine with that.

She’ll be able to travel without the vaccine?


When will she be able to travel again?

Two years. Yes, two years. In the meantime, she’ll travel, she’ll go into BC a lot, she’ll travel across Canada.

Travelling between provinces will be easy for her?

Yes, no issue.

What can you tell her about the vaccine?

It’s poison. It’s going to kill a lot of people.

Is it going to affect her mother?

Yes, that’s how she is going to die.

And who’s doing this?

Ugh! They just don’t want you to reach the next level! They are afraid of it. They want you to stay shallow and awful. They don’t want you to succeed. They want humans, to just be…they want to control them. They are having fun! They are having fun.

Who is they?

They control it all. I don’t like talking about it. It makes me sick. They are…I don’t want to say too much, I’m sorry, I just don’t...

That’s okay…

...because I don’t want it to affect her. If she knows too much, because when she becomes more clear, and she stands up, I don’t think that will be a good thing either. But I don’t think her mother should take the second dose, it is definitely poison and a lot of people are going to die. A lot of people are going to die! It’s worse than we will ever see.

Is there anything her mother can do to clear it from her system?

She needs…mint. Mint will help. [Client’s name] will make her something, she will be okay. She’s not going to be okay if she takes the second dose, she’s not going to be okay!

But if she doesn’t take the second dose?

Then she will be okay, it will come out of her system. But she can’t take the second dose, otherwise…and it’s not going to affect her right now, it’s not like everyone is going to drop dead right now. This is…some years down the road. But, yeah, they are weeding out the population.


The only way for this planet to get through this situation, is through love and understanding that we are all one. We are all infinite love and light of the one creator. Protect your energy, boost your immune system through healthy living, and don’t let anyone or anything lower your vibration. The higher your frequency, the healthier you will be. Stay strong, stand up, be brave, and call back your power.

Also, remember that when dealing with family and friends on these sensitive topics, we sometimes just need to let go. Trust what their souls wanted as part of their learning and awakening. Although we may find it hard to understand the paths of others, just know that if the current situation doesn’t wake them up, something else will later on, when the timing is right for them. The veil will eventually be lifted for all, it just may not happen for everyone at this time, or even in their current lifetime.

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