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Honouring all Expressions of Creation

As we progress through this shift of consciousness, we may find ourselves having strong beliefs about various current events presented to us over the past year and feel the need to share with those closest to us. In doing so, we may have experienced extreme duality with our family and friends, as our theories and opinions have found us on opposing sides. This can lead to hurt feelings, fractured relationships, or possibly being blocked on social media.

Regardless of where we are in our spiritual journey, it can be hard to understand why those closest to us cannot see or comprehend things the same way we do. This can often lead to feeling frustrated, defeated, and isolated from them. When we feel as though we have hit an impasse, it is best to just sow a few seeds and wait for them to grow. It is important to understand that sometimes this process can take years, so it’s imperative to give our loved one’s space to create their own understanding. When they are ready, be willing to listen and answer their questions with an open and honest heart.

Although humanity has experienced a huge awakening in the past few months, there remains many individuals who are not ready, or who may never be ready to embrace their true self, to understand who they really are and why they are here.

We are multi-dimensional beings exercising our free will to master our creator ability. The universal secret is that we create the reality of our own experience. What we focus on is what we will experience. Once we realize this, we begin to manifest what we genuinely desire for ourselves. We haven’t always created consciously, but we have always created our experiences, good or bad, that have shaped who we have become. In order to understand the views of our family and friends, it’s important to remember where we were ourselves, before our own awakening.

To ascend to the 5th dimension, we must not stand in judgement of one another, we must honour each other’s expression of their own creation. If we want to continue living in harmony with our loved ones, it is imperative that we love unconditionally, support and honour each other’s experiences, even when we don’t agree. The more love we share, the more people that will awaken, and the further along our collective evolution will be.

This is what is needed to bring positive change to planet Earth.

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