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Just Be

What a time to be alive! To be here at this time, to experience the shift and all the events occurring throughout our world today. There is so much going on! How do we respond to it all? What do we focus on?

Well, this is a really good time to “just be”…but what does that mean?

It’s a time to go within. To mentally relax. This is something we should all be doing for a little while each day. Look for opportunities to “just be” and take a little break from what we normally do. Meditate, go for a walk, connect with nature, hydrate, read a book, write in a gratitude journal, focus on our energy, “just be”…by ourselves. Get to know who we really are. Accept every emotion that we feel. “Just be” in the moment. Follow our intuition, be aware of our thoughts. Slow down. Be grateful. Accept and be present.

It’s time to let go of the old ways of thinking, follow our bliss, and do what we love. Children have mastered this. We can easily observe their true natures, as they project pure love and light, they are happy and content in the moment. They are their true selves.

We can “just be” for a moment in time, or it may be an extended period of time, away from our daily grind. Sometimes it could just mean stopping what we are doing to really focus and listen when someone wants to talk to us.

It’s perfectly okay to “just be”.

To obtain some further clarity, I posed the following questions to the Higher Consciousness in a session recently:

Many individuals are told to “just be” in their sessions. What advice could you provide humanity regarding this topic?

“When deciding to come to this planet it was almost like a prerequisite. There were certain souls that were needed in the early stage, certain souls that are needed now. The most important element of their existence here, was to emanate the energy that they brought with them. It’s not a random thing ending up here, but once you arrive, forgetting things is troublesome for your objective. In your current perspective, where you see things, you see things you never saw before, you see the way some people live. Part of you feels like that should be you, part of you feels like, that you belong, to be living a certain life at a certain time, and you are ignoring your fundamental purpose, of bringing the energy forward to help this planet evolve, it can’t do it without you, it is part of a master plan”.

What happens with our energy?

“Your energy has a frequency, it has a signature, when enough of you are in your own energy, and not caught up with the energy of this planet, when you just resonate pure energy from your soul it becomes more harmonious. It’s like music in an orchestra, a single note from a violin compared to a trumpet is insignificant, but when blended together it is significant. Your soul’s energy is similar to that. When you are close to the energy that brought you here, the energy that was your prerequisite to come here, it becomes harmonious and beautiful things will happen”.

Remember that we are enough just the way we are. We can support each other and help the planet evolve by going within and “just be”. It is time to let our magnificent beings shine.

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