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Living in the Moment

To live in the moment, means to be consciously aware, while using all of our senses, at the present time. When we make the choice to embrace living in the present moment, we are accessing our true self. When we live in the now, we understand that we are not constrained by our habits from the past or our expectations or fears of the future.

It’s natural to spend some moments dwelling on the past or daydreaming about the future, but when our lives increasingly become dictated by these thoughts or emotions, it becomes unbalanced and harder to live peacefully in the present. When we engage in mindfulness, which is defined as “maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment”, we are able to keep our thoughts of the past, present, and future in balance.

Living in the moment is key to staying healthy and happy. Less focus on the past and future reduces depression and anxiety. Slowing down and appreciating life and all its little moments allows us to feel more positive, enjoy good experiences, and helps us deal with adversity.

If you want to experience a situation that will really allow you to live in the moment, head to an escape room. During one such excursion, I observed my extremely over-worked and constantly on-the-go friend consciously pour all of her attention into the task at hand for the entire 55 minutes it took us to get out. She applied such intense awareness that it caused her other thoughts and worries to fade away, allowing her to really enjoy the experience and “escape” for a short while.

Meditation is an excellent tool to get connected to the present, stay in the moment and recognize and appreciate our true self. During QHHT sessions, one message that just about every client receives is “They need to meditate!”. It is the one practice that is consistently mentioned as being something we all need to incorporate into our daily lives.

What kind of journey do you want to experience in this lifetime? What would someone who loves themselves do? We have the power to change anything in our lives. It’s never too late to just pause, find yourself, and enjoy the moment.

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