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Navigating These Challenging Times

These are certainly interesting times and based on information that has come through my QHHT sessions over the past few years, this is most definitely an ascension event. Whenever I have asked a client’s Higher Self why they chose to incarnate here at this time, the answer has always been:

“To be here during these exciting times, to witness all the changes that are coming to this planet.”

Upon requesting further information, I was never given a sufficient answer as to “how” these changes would come about. Once events started to unfold around the world, more pieces of the puzzle came through, but the main message throughout was that this is our opportunity to choose a higher vibrational timeline.

It might not seem like it now, but all of this is winding us up for greatness. Now is not the time to panic, we must be calm in the eye of the storm. We have a tendency to learn faster through hardships, so adversities are what we have been given. We need to learn to strengthen our unity, be in service to others, and share what we have. We are powerful beings and we can get through this collectively.

This is a gift. This is an opportunity to wake up and see what is possible, to see what is important to us, and to see how we react to the changes in our lives. We can either let it destroy us or we can look at this as the greatest time for self-reflection and introspection. We can use this time to explore and revisit our goals, our dreams, and our passions. Do all the things that make us happy, spend time with our children, reflect on what we have to be grateful for, and remember what is really important to us.

Ascension refers to an energetic shift as we move towards the New Earth, a 5th dimensional paradise. In order to make that shift possible, we need to continually choose the higher vibrations of gratitude, trust, hope, faith, courage, love and most importantly, becoming the light.

Everything is on an energy frequency spectrum from dark and dense to light and transparent. Being stuck in the emotions of fear, shame, guilt, anger, blame, sadness, and apathy, will continue to keep us in a lower state of consciousness.

So how do we react to this situation? Do we respond with love or do we respond with fear? We are being forced to make a choice. Do we proceed on the path of ascension or do we fall back into a lower vibrational fear-based reality? We can’t move forward if we don’t make the right choice. The time is now.

“It’s time to be the beacon, to show your light and shine. It’s time to send your love to all.”

This was a message received from a client’s Higher Self and it was directed to all of humanity. Once we choose the light, that’s the timeline we are on. Remember that we are all going to the same place, we are just going at our own pace. If things don’t work out in this lifetime, there will be many other opportunities for each soul to grow and evolve.

Find the love and gratitude in every moment of your day. It’s there, it’s just how you chose to look at it. But most of all, enjoy the ride, as we are on this journey together!

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