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Planning Our Next Incarnation

We are always continuing to expand, create, and grow in more intriguing ways. The moment we’re done with one journey or theme, we say “Okay, let’s play again! Where do I want to go next?”. This is when the planning stage begins.

When we prepare for our next incarnation, we start by deciding what types of experiences and challenges we want to have and then set up the potential opportunities. We choose when and where we will incarnate. We select the environment and the socio-economic background that will provide the evolution we desire. We choose our individual human traits and select the body that will help us meet our goals.

Then we choose who we are going to work with, including who our parents will be. We often come back with the same souls; for example, someone who played the role of a sibling in one life may come back as a parent, child, spouse, or friend, or we may form new relationships with other souls. We can switch the rolls around anyway we want. Here is one example of carrying a close bond into another life:

My client went into a past life as a young soldier who served during WWI along with his best friend whom he grew up with. We learned that they never left each other’s side and eventually died together in battle. Since these two souls loved each other very much and felt that they did not spend enough time together in that lifetime, they chose to come back again, but this time as husband and wife in order to create a new experience.

We also may choose to join a family specifically to help that family out or we may select a family that can help encourage us in our goals. In the case of adoption, we have the unique opportunity of selecting both our birth and adoptive parents. Then together, we orchestrate the adventures we are going to take in this 3rd dimensional reality. This is both an individual and collective process. Sometimes we come back with the same souls because we need to work things out with them, so we can move on to the next lesson. Regardless of the role each soul plays, they are who we love and who love us.

We don’t plan every detail of our lives, otherwise there would be no free will, no freedom to really grow and learn from our creations. There is not one specific way to do it. A new soul might need more planned experiences while an older soul may choose to leave more experiences to chance. It all depends on what the soul wants.

We also choose our guides; these are trusted souls who know us well, often through previous incarnations we have had together. These guides will be with us always, ready to give us a nudge in case we get too far off the course we set for ourselves. Although we may think we are all alone, we really never are, as our main guide stays with us our entire lifetime.

Then we are born into the life we planned. We are given the gift of amnesia, which is very important, because if we knew everything upon arrival, we wouldn’t really put in a good effort to discover and develop.

Haven chosen our families can be a difficult concept to accept, especially in cases where there is a lack of love from the parents or unresolved, hurtful, or violent experiences. The original decision could have been based on the soul’s need to fulfill a purpose with one specific individual, rather than a desire to experience a horrible situation. In cases that are less than desirable, it is important to remember that everything that happens “to” us is actually happening “for” us to help with our soul’s growth.

This concept is described beautifully in the children’s book The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God. This is a powerful story that provides a very profound truth; that the foundation of all that happens in the world, either good or bad, is love. That the people in our lives who we think are hurting us the most or who are enabling an undesirable situation to occur, are actually doing these things for us, because we asked them to, because we wanted to experience a particular emotion associated with that action. We just don’t remember the agreements we made during the planning stage and therefore, may endure a lot of suffering.

The following is an example from a session which demonstrates how cooperating with another soul is a powerful way of creating an experience:

In a past life we were exploring, my client was a happy child as she was able to play all day and spend lots of time with her mother while her older siblings went to school and her father worked away from the home. She loved her mother immensely. When she was five years old, she fell on a piece of farm equipment that punctured her chest and due to lack of appropriate medical care at the time, she passed away. While reviewing the lessons and purpose of that lifetime, she stated that she came with one purpose, and that was to leave that lifetime at a young age in order to provide her mother with the opportunity to experience grief.

When we face tragedies and difficulties in life, we often wonder “Why me?”. It becomes a real game changer when we can look at those experiences and thank the souls in our lives for serving us, allowing us to experience the contrast so we can appreciate the next chapter in our journey. Next time around we will be much more conscious, and able to create from joy and gratitude, create a new life that will be just as rewarding as we continue to move into a greater version of ourselves.

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