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Raising Your Vibration

What does it mean to raise your vibration?

When you raise your vibration, you may feel a shift in your feelings, thoughts, and physical body. Your frequency will begin to vibrate on a higher level. This allows you to release the lower vibrations and negative emotions, which will ultimately lead to a better you.

Whenever you feel caught up in fear and negatively, just consciously make the shift to something more positive and joyful. You have the ability within yourself to do so. Just become aware of your thoughts and feelings and adjust them as necessary. Everything you think, say or feel will become your new reality.

As a higher vibrational being, you are more likely to attract positives in the world around you. Life will become more enjoyable, abundant and peaceful. You will experience more love and compassion for yourself and others. You will feel physically lighter and more energetic.

QHHT clients often ask how they can maintain their connection with their Higher Self after their sessions and the answer they receive is to simply raise their vibration. This is because by expanding their conscious awareness and raising their spiritual and physical energy, it brings them closer to the higher frequency of Spirit.

Sometimes we may even receive a little assistance from Spirit. One client had a question about the spinning she had felt within her on a few occasions and wanted to know what it was. Her Higher Self explained as follows:

“It’s increasing the energy, the vibration…we need it to be higher…to do all the things that she’s meant to do here….this was out of her control…but now she knows what she has to keep doing…eating good food, meditating, going to yoga class is the most important thing for her, and actually going to the class, not doing it on her own, going to the class…it is the chakras and it's exactly what she thinks it is about the energy awakening and it’s moving towards becoming more enlightened for her next lifetime.”

This client learned that she will achieve Ascension in this lifetime and the raising of her vibration both consciously and subconsciously was preparing her for her next adventures.

There are many benefits to raising your vibration, but remember that this is a process, so be gentle with yourself and enjoy the journey.

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