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Releasing My Own Doubt

Guiding clients through past life regressions gives me the opportunity to discover all kinds of interesting lives in countless places and times. These lifetimes are often verifiable based on our planet’s history. Then there are those lives that take place within other star systems that are not verifiable but are fascinating due to the degree of detail that comes forward. With lives on other planets, it helps to keep an open mind and a willingness to explore those details, but no matter where my client ends up, I just ask the questions that will enable the most relevant information to come forward, even if it sounds far-fetched.

Recently I had a session where my client went into a lifetime on Earth. She was a young woman who lived on the coast of Spain and the year was 1760. There was a wooden transport ship in the harbour with men from a different culture who were wearing red coats. They were looking for workers (slaves) to take onboard the ship and everyone was fearful and hiding from them because they kept coming back for more. Whenever they were around, she hid or kept quiet, pretending that she couldn’t speak so they would not take her. When I asked her about her family, she stated that she was all alone because her parents had been killed in a tsunami five years earlier. At this point, my analytical brain started to kick in. Were people actually taken away from Spain against their will? Was there a tsunami in Spain at that time?

The reason this client came for the session was because she was employed in a professional occupation, English was her second language, and she was having difficulty trusting her ability to speak up in the workplace. This was causing all sorts of complications for her.

During the session, her Higher Self stated that the reason she was shown this lifetime was because her inability to speak up at this time was a direct result of being fearful and purposely silencing herself in that lifetime. Once the emotion that she brought forward was identified, it was released back to the past where it belonged, allowing her to be confident using her voice, regardless of what language she was speaking.

After the session, I did some research and sure enough there was a tsunami that was triggered by an earthquake in Portugal on November 1st, 1755 that caused a total of 50,000 deaths in 12 countries. There were 2,214 deaths in Spain. This happened five years prior to when we started exploring that lifetime, which was also when she said her parents had been killed. Furthermore, while this practice progressively came to an end in the 18th century, the Moors were captured from Spain and served as slaves.

This session was an important lesson for me. Never doubt the information that comes forward. Have complete trust and faith in the client’s ability to access accurate information from within the lifetime being explored because it was their life after all. This also reaffirmed the confidence I have in the Higher Self’s ability to always choose the perfect lifetimes for clients to view during their sessions, in order to resolve whatever issues they are working through in their present lifetime.

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