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Traveller to our Solar System

During this regression, we explore the life of a being who travelled to our solar system. This client kindly allowed me to share her session story.

The Being

When we met up with this being, he was serving on a spaceship as a crew member. He was very tall, with green skin, and his hands had three fingers that were long but kind of plumper on the ends. He had a large skull, with big eyes, small mouth, and no ears. He could hear telepathically and spoke very little. There was no requirement to wear clothing. His skin was thick and smooth with no scales. He could not be easily injured or cut because his skin was very tough. His race had evolved to the point where they didn’t have to have separate sexes, he was a perfect balance of both male and female and his sex organs were only visible if he wanted them to be.


His partner, who looked just like him, was working next to him on the ship. This was a healthy, peaceful, and happy bond. On their planet, partners would usually take the same type of work so they could be together throughout their lives. They had physical relations with each other, but it was more energetic. They would put their hands together and perform energy exchanges.


He had the ability to reproduce and carry his own baby, but his race had advanced past that long before his own birth. They created their babies in a test tube, and then when they were developed to a certain extent, they were taken to a place, a community, where those who chose to care for the babies raised them. These caretaker beings were who the babies called their moms and dads. These communities were really happy places, they could learn and grow with lots of love.

This creation process was much easier than going through the birthing process. The babies were healthy, and they didn’t have to worry about them. The parents were still attached to their offspring because they were all one but there were no unhealthy attachments, to where they needed to have them around all the time. This was a race of much higher dimensional beings who had progressed beyond that.

The decision to produce more offspring was based on the size of the population and was determined by a council of wise beings. The council would let their citizens know when they needed to reproduce, and individuals would then state their availability to do so, but they could only volunteer up to a certain age. They lived a long time, about 800 years. There was no disease or sickness on their planet.

The Council

The council was not huge, only about 18 - 20 beings and no one could sit on the council until they reached a certain age. To be on the council they had to have the good of the society as their priority. There was a lot of cooperation involved in decision making. Theirs was a peaceful existence so there were no arguments.

The Ship

He was very excited to tell me all about his ship. He said it was really neat. He absolutely loved it. The ship was disk shaped, round, with modern clean lines. The whole ship was a darker grey colour and it looked metallic. It was almost like a biological being, even though it looked and felt completely solid. When it was built, everyone who was assigned to work on it, was bonded with it. This was so the ship knew them, so they would be able to control it. He was one of the pilots of the ship and said they operated it by sliding their hands into depressions shaped like their hands, to enable communication with the ship. He said it was really high tech. The ship could jump through dimensions effortlessly, and it was very fast. It was also a plasma ship so they could make it disappear and reappear as well as change its shape and size. They used the time space continuum to make it bigger on the inside, so if you saw it on the outside and walked in, it would look like it had expanded.

Zero-Point Technology

The ship was powered up using their collective consciousness. Then once they were ready to move, they applied a magnetic field around it using zero-point technology. This created their own atmosphere, allowing them to travel really fast without getting sick or feeling the effects of g-forces. There was no requirement for the use of any fuel.

Reconnaissance Mission

On this particular trip, they were on a reconnaissance mission, travelling to one of the moons of Saturn. He said it was quite a large moon that was slate blue in colour, almost resembling a planet. The council had sent them there to look for a certain mineral.

Once they arrived, they had to descend onto the moon via a smaller craft while wearing special bio-suits, this was because the moon had a different atmosphere to their own. The landscape looked similar to raw white moonstone with light grey horizontal lines running through it. There was no greenery or water, although there had been water there at one point. They located the mineral they were seeking and found that it had some life to it, so they took samples of it back to the mothership to see if it was viable for their use.

Once it was determined that this mineral would serve their purpose, other ships would be sent to collect it. These ships were much larger, and the beings on those ships had different training. They would get onto the surface of the moon with a machine and then direct it with their minds, allowing it to cut down through the rock and lift blocks of the mineral up into the ship. These blocks were about the size of an Earthly cruise ship and they could fit about four of them into one of their ships.

Travel to their Destination

In order to reach our solar system, they first had to travel to a star cluster, a place with the energetics they could jump from, which took about half a day, then from there they could visualize the moon and jump to it immediately. The jumping was done collectively, the beings on the ship connected with each other telepathically, picked the place they wanted to go, then jumped to it. They entered the solar system slowly, needing to be mindful, because there were other ships from other star systems all around. Once they arrived, it took a short period of time to drop into the moon’s atmosphere and get close to the surface. There was no one else on the moon. It had been deemed safe and they were allowed to harvest if they needed to. When it came to travel between solar systems, there were Universal laws in effect and the council had ensured that a ship from another planet would not be there at the same time.


He told a story about how their race had been pursued many years before, prior to when he was born. The Draco tribe had tried to take over their planet but were not successful. They had since built up defences and their ships were impenetrable by the Draco, so they could no longer be hurt or destroyed. He said that the Draco were not around anymore, and they had also been pushed out of the Earth’s solar system. There was still a lot of talk about them, but the Earth’s solar system was very well protected. There were peaceful benevolent beings protecting it and they were easy to deal with. These protectors knew their ship was coming through because the council had communicated that to them prior to their mission.

I couldn’t resist asking questions about Earth:


Have you ever travelled to Earth?


Well you are very close now.

Yes, I know. A lot of people like to look at it, like to go and fly over it, but not a lot of people like to land there because there is a lot going on there. Everyone is really enamoured by all the life and the animals and all the crazy plants and the diversity because it was terraformed, but there are those who would be too afraid if they saw us.

But you said you could make yourself invisible, right?

Yes, and so we could I guess when they allow us to go there. They just haven’t allowed it. I don’t know if the council has ever been there, maybe they have.

So, the council tells you where to go? You can’t just take a side trip to Earth?

We don’t feel like we need to. We just enjoy each other, being around each other, we don’t feel like we need to be rebellious, I guess. We’ve sort of evolved past that.

Do you hear stories about Earth?

Yes, yes, yes, the animals for sure. There are so many, and they are so different all over the world and they’re so amazing. Our planet doesn’t have a lot of diversity. We have a lot of plants and things, but we don’t have the wildlife like the Earth has.

What else about Earth is interesting?

Well the people certainly are very dramatic (laughs) but we’ve learned, when I was younger, I learned about the 3rd dimension, so they teach us that that is a part of their reality. There is no way they can’t not have ego and not have emotions and things. Our emotion normally is just happy and peaceful. Content, I guess is the word, content.

Have you encountered other places that are similar to Earth?

No, it’s very unique.


Sustenance & Sleep

He said that they didn’t need to eat a variety of food. Energy was more important than food, so they didn’t eat much. They had a plant that looked like a lily pad without the flower, it contained a ton of nutrients and was quite tasty. That was their basic food source and the mineral they were seeking helped provide nutrients to the plant as it grew. They brought this food with them when they travelled. They also did a lot of energy work, which kept them healthy.

They didn’t sleep very much. They would go into a trance like state while sitting or lying down and be renewed with energy, like having an energetic rest.

Hobbies & Activities

Everyone participated in energy therapies and they were never bored. Doing energy work on each other, was their hobby. The energy had consciousness and the colour it held was fuchsia. They learned how to harness this energy. It flowed in them and with them and they could create beautiful fuchsia energetic balls of light to give to others. They taught the children how to do this when they were very young. These balls contained their own energetic signature, so when they gave one to someone, it was like giving their love. They also had energy centres shaped like domes where they could go and sit inside. The energy was very high in these centres, so it was a wonderful place for renewal.

Social gatherings were common because they felt they were all one. They enjoyed being around each other. They didn’t do much alone unless they were doing some personal energy work. Life was good on their planet.

Reason for Viewing this Lifetime

This client’s Higher Self said this was one of her favourite lifetimes, and the reason she was shown this life during her session was so she would understand why her and her partner, who had passed away a few years ago, had such a strong bond. It was because they were partners in that lifetime as well, working together on that ship.

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