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What is a past life regression and how does it help?

A past life regression is a form of hypnosis that involves being regressed and guided through another lifetime that your soul has lived. The Higher Self, in its infinite wisdom, will select the most appropriate life for you to view. Healing and understanding are the goal, so the life chosen will always have some relevance to the life being lived now, such as one in which your soul is working through similar issues or challenges, in order to empower you in your soul’s growth.

Using past life regression as a tool to make the current life the best possible life yet can be very effective. There are many ways to learn through experiences and the soul doesn’t always accomplish each lesson in a single lifetime. Patterns repeat until you learn the lesson and grow. A past life regression will reveal what those important lessons are so you can transcend in order to live your best life.

Simply understanding why a particular situation, physical problem, or emotion is being experienced is often sufficient for it to be relieved. That understanding can be achieved through the viewing of a relevant past life. Reprocessing and releasing the emotions from the other life, or even just acknowledging them, can help you conquer the issues carried over into your current life.

Often times, friends or family will show up in other lives and even though they may be a different gender, age, or race, you will be able to recognize them during the regression. The reasons why you have come together again in this lifetime can explain why certain situations are happening now. Seeing the connections we share with other people gives us guidance moving forward with them.

In QHHT we focus more on the healing rather than the historical aspect of past lives, but in many cases, clients obtain enough information from their session that they are able to accurately identify who they were in the life being viewed, such as in the following case:

My client went into a lifetime in the 1960s. She was a young teenage girl who left home and became involved with Charles Manson’s followers. Those same followers ended up killing her right in the house where she was staying. In her current lifetime, ever since she was very young, she suffered from an irrational fear of being murdered in her own home. By just knowing where that fear originated from, she was able to release that emotion. Her Higher Self selected that particular life for her to view so she would receive clarity and healing, but with all the details revealed during the session, she was also able to obtain her identity. She later searched and found a picture of the person she was in that former life, as well as discovered particulars of relatives who were still living.

Even if names, dates, and locations are not revealed spontaneously, it is always possible to research the lifetime further during a follow-up session.

The advantage of QHHT is that sessions go beyond a simple past life regression. It also includes establishing contact with the Higher Self in order to acquire answers to questions, identify physical problems, and obtain instantaneous healing if it is appropriate and will not interfere with your soul’s growth. Each QHHT session provides a wonderful opportunity to feel connected, to feel taken care of, and to feel loved. How your soul’s journey ties in with your current lifetime is a fascinating story waiting to be uncovered.

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