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What is Death like?

The death experience is a significant part of quantum healing sessions because it is the finale to the process of working through a past life. Once we are done exploring the life, we continue beyond the death to the spirit side to discover what was felt, what was seen, and what were the emotions experienced when the soul left the body. Sometimes we also find out who came to greet them and what they would be doing once they were back on the spirit side.

When we reach the day of death during a session, I inquire as to why this will be their last day, and the most common response is; “I just know it is time to go”. The soul always knows when it’s time to leave the body. The soul only leaves when it chooses to leave, nobody leaves before their time, regardless of the cause of death. Deep in the subconscious mind, each individual is well aware that it is time to go, thus why they are able to say so during the transition.

I’ve also asked the Higher Self to explain the death experience and these are a couple of the responses:

“Death is not painful. Once in the transition you will realize how beautiful it is. Death is an illusion. Nobody feels pain after a certain point when they die. The feeling is mostly fear, but there’s nothing to fear about death, it’s beautiful.”

“Humans used to celebrate death, and now you fear it. It was a rite of passage before, and now it’s something that you can catch. It’s the most natural thing, like giving birth. It doesn’t need to be looked at with fear. It’s the most spiritual thing you will ever experience because you’re conscious. When you’re born you are not conscious. It’s easy to forget when you’re born, but when you die, you’ll experience every moment of it, every sensation. The pain you feel from an injury is not the pain you feel at death. It’s exuberant, it’s ecstasy, it is probably your best experience.”

There is no reason to fear death. When your time comes, your soul will be ready to go. In the meantime, while you await that magical experience, follow your dreams, be your authentic loving self, and live your life to the fullest.

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