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I am absolutely blown away by the insight and knowledge I gained from my session with Sam. I came to the session with no expectations, but Sam and my Higher Self did not disappoint. From the sacred space Sam has cultivated, to her warm, safe energy - everything was extremely comfortable in order to allow me to relax fully. You can tell Sam has found her divine calling. I so appreciated her deep listening, and sense of humour and guidance. This was truly transformational, and I have been getting goose(god)bumps since my session.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

—  Eden F. Edmonton, AB


So grateful for your openness, your heart-centred approach, and your healing support Sam, thank you! X

—  Melissa A. Beaumont, AB


I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for such an amazing experience. My life has changed so much since my session, my anxieties are completely healed. My past lives are also like memories of my own, I feel more connected than ever. Thank you again for such a beautiful experience.

—  Samantha O. Edmonton, AB


During my session we worked on a chronic constipation issue. It was the main thing I wanted to clear, and it’s been soooo much better since, that I've cut related supplements way back. 


Besides the high self doing the healing, I suspect the past life brought forward was related (I died doubled over in the town square clutching my abdomen). Although it was a pretty ordinary past life, the result was huge as I had been battling that problem this entire lifetime. Most of all, I just don't have to concern myself with everything I consume, staying really scheduled and trying a million ways to keep things "moving". 😉


Thank you for facilitating that healing! It's made a VERY positive impact on my every day and I'm super grateful.

—  Andrea E. Mountain View County, AB


After seeing Sam I felt better than I ever have. I struggled with self-doubt and a couple of physical alignments. However, after our session, I felt this immense peace within myself. I realized that I take on other people's emotions/pain. Now when I speak to someone I can detach myself from the situation and just fully be there for them without feeling the need to save them. I've become more at peace with the world and outside factors don't influence my inner world. 

Thank you Sam!!

—  Sara P. Calgary, AB


This was such an amazing experience for my mother. She said she was completely wiped when she got home but feels so good this morning. She will have a lot to reflect on. I wasn’t even there at the session, yet I feel so impacted!
Thank you, again and again, and again!

—  Denielle M. Nelson, BC


The blinders have been taken off. No more confusion. I now see the bigger picture for my life purpose. My life has changed!

—  Bernard L. Beaumont, AB


Just had to let you know how meaningful the session recently posted on YouTube with the sailor was for me. Your questions to his Higher Self were many of the same questions I would have posed. Please keep posting your sessions when you have permission. Your voice is perfect. The final thoughts reinforced the peace I am finding at this time of isolation.

Please keep up this important work.

Brightest blessings,

—  Nancy D. Boulder, CO


Many thanks Sam for a fantastic experience! It’s no coincidence that you were the practitioner set in my path for my session. Your expertise and deep dedication is so appreciated. This experience has made a profound and positive impact in my life.


Thank you!

—  Connie D. Mazatlán, Mexico


After I had my session and listened to the recording, I just got it. Spending a few years in therapy never helped me as much as the moment I heard my Higher Self say the things it did about me. It became more real than anything else, especially since I didn't remember 90% of it.


Also, Sam's voice is so comforting, soft and loving. Her voice was specifically designed for this work and her intuition on seeking answers is superb. Her genuine love for helping people find the answers within themselves is breathtaking. I will be forever grateful for how much she has helped me.

—  Kala L. Edmonton, AB


I have absolutely no more doubts!! I just listened to the session and I don’t remember the last 10-15 minutes! Wow! I am so happy and that’s on you!


Thank you so much is all I know to say right now. Sending lots of love in pink clouds to you.


With gratitude,

—  Michelle M. Drayton Valley, AB


It was very nice to meet you and it was overall, a most unusual experience to digest. I have definitely been feeling LESS pain in my lower body since returning to North Carolina.


The other odd side effect I noticed is that I feel satisfied that I am on the right path, and I see the un-packing process beginning. I see this time as opportune to remove non beneficial attachments and concentrate on essentials. It seems that I am aware that I am free of "hitchhikers" and can now turn to the final things I want to accomplish in the months leading up to the new year.


Lastly, the moral I drew from my "shipwrecked" excursion is that if I just go along to get along, I may find myself "sidelined" when push comes to shove.


Let the miracles and wonders continue!

—  David A. Asheville, NC


Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your time and amazing work today. It was just an incredible experience and I feel like a newer, better version of myself!

—  Alana B. Edmonton, AB


I have always been open to new experiences and I have believed that there is something greater than what we know. I really wasn’t looking for anything specific when I had my session with Sam, but she had this way of being able to connect with me within minutes of the initial interview. She was authentically interested in me and genuinely wanted to assist me with what I needed, even when I didn’t know myself.


The session was excellent! It was a very positive experience and I felt renewed and relaxed. I was amazed at the knowledge held deep within myself and I left feeling a deeper connection to myself and a greater appreciation for my faith. I was also inspired to keep searching and growing in this area of my life. The time spent during the session was a great investment and I would recommend everyone to at least experience this once!

—  Kimberley E. Wainwright, AB


I have never experienced a past life regression and although I heard about it before, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. Sam has created such a welcoming environment. It's inviting, cozy and serene and I immediately felt at ease. When we began the regression, I was surprised with how easy it was for me to relax and start visualizing what she was describing to me. For some reason I had been nervous that my brain would struggle with this portion but it felt so natural.


What I experienced during this regression was a very fulfilling life that began as a young girl on a farm in Russia. At times there were moments of innocence, happiness, and the joys of being young and blissfully oblivious. As the life progressed, I also experienced fear, tragedy, despair, hunger, and loss. As I have listened to the recording of this session, I have had a lot of realizations as to how my experiences in this particular past life have affected my current journey. This provided a lot of clarity for me, as did the latter part of the session where my Higher Self had the opportunity to answer all my questions.


The experience as a whole was very enlightening, and nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced before. If you are looking for a soul perspective on your purpose here in this lifetime, I highly recommend booking a session with Sam, you won’t be disappointed!

—  Courtney D. Sherwood Park, AB


I was going through a very difficult time in my life and was searching for answers. After much consideration, I booked an appointment with Sam and prepared a list of questions that I hoped to have answered.


When I arrived, Sam was very welcoming, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The session took over seven hours, I was shocked because the time flew by. I was impressed at how easily she was able to draw the answers to my questions and ask additional questions based on her experience. I left the appointment feeling drained, but free of the confusion that had been weighing me down for months.


I highly recommend QHHT to anyone who is going through a tough time, whether it be related to relationships, health, family, body image, career, your life's path, etc. This process will provide clarity and reassurance. Sam is very professional yet inviting and has a very calming way about her.


I enjoyed my experience, it was eye opening and taught me a lot about myself. It also gave me reassurance regarding my path in life.

—  Brenda D. Edmonton, AB


I had a profound and unexpected emotional release during my session facilitated by Sam who I first met when we took the QHHT class together. Dolores’ beautiful/magical technique and Sam’s sweet voice work wonders.


As I experienced a rather tragic past life I cried with deep sadness and my body shook uncontrollably. This kind of release is a necessary step toward healing. We see this often with our own clients. My soul remembered the past life trauma and it resulted in my attachment of certain emotions that doesn’t belong to the present life. And this attachment of old emotions caused me to feel and act in ways that are not healthy.


The next step is to learn the lesson from that past experience and then let it go and free myself from it. That old baggage is long gone now and I am no longer dragged down by it. Life is so much better.


I encourage you to schedule a wonderful, life-changing QHHT session with Sam. I am so glad that I have met her.

—  Wei Wycoff, QHHT Practitioner, Columbia, MO

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